Network Security PGD (UWinnipeg)

Security and Voice-Over IP are currently two areas in high demand in computer networking employment. Graduates from the UWinnipeg Network Security program will acquire the IT security skills necessary to help mitigate threats to organizations and gain marketable skills in these employment sectors.

The program assists graduates in preparing for the CISCO CCNA designations, an internationally and industry-recognized professional certification. Graduates of this program will receive both the Network Security Diploma and the Information Assurance and Security Certificate.

Program Overview

The Network Security Diploma program is a joint programming initiative between the University of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Technical College (WTC). This diploma program blends the opposable elements of hands-on learning with the theoretical/conceptual nature of IT security. Graduates will have an in-depth knowledge of and training in various protocols, network standards, designs and security solutions. This program actively integrates the dynamics of WTC’s Regional CISCO Academy to the University’s cryptography and security schematics.

Coursework in this 13-month program are split between the disciplines of professional business and technology infrastructure. Business-oriented courses include financial management, project management and business fundamentals. Technology infrastructure courses include Cryptography and Encryption, Linux O/S, Web Security and Wireless Security. There are also several specific CISCO CCNA courses aimed at achieving the CCNA designation. Additional information can be found in the program brochure.


  • Resume and job search preparation.
  • One month work practicum.
  • Graduates will be prepared to write several internationally recognized industry designations: Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP – Server Administrator), Cisco Security, Cisco Voice over IP and Ethical Hacking, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certification
Madan Roy, Bangladesh

“Looking back now, I know I made a good decision, I got accepted into the program found subsidized housing for my family and this spring I will earn a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

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Meghna Kararia, India

"Studying in Canada is a 360 degree change for me; [...] Almost 90% of the staff and professors are willing to help you, even after scheduled hours.”

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Venky Iyer, India

"After having worked in the industry for over three years, I was looking for a management program that was relevant to my experience in the manufacturing industry.”

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